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This site was created through a joint effort of NBS Procurement, members from all Operating Companies in Canada and the US, Corporate Quality Assurance and Corporate Regulatory Affairs, to facilitate the purchase of premiums and promotional items used by Nestle for internal or external (consumer promotions) use.

The site provides links to Nestle approved vendors, who offer commonly purchased items at manufacture's direct pricing or at greatly reduced cost.

Federal and State regulations govern the safety of the items we use in our promotional programs. New Federal regulations have implemented requirements for certification of compliance and for third party testing of many of these products. Additionally, Nestle has established quality, safety and brand image requirements for products in employee and consumer programs. Items listed on the vendor sites linked to the Nestle Promotions Website have been pre-evaluated and determined to be appropriate for use and further evaluation is NOT required. Where desired items are not available on these sites, a vendor from the Approved Vendor List may be used to source or develop the items using the procedure outlined in NP3.4-09, available in the Policy and Procedures tab on this website. Such items may require additional testing. Only approved vendors may be used. A lead Promotions Buyer has been identified for each business, and this buyer should be consulted when sourcing promotional items from vendors.

Use of this site is required for all purchases by Nestle (internal, external or to consumer) for any products in the premiums and promotional items category. Any buying outside of this site, requires written permission from QA and NBS.

The site is hosted by Nestle vendor partner, Designit.


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